Louisiana GOP Urges  Common Core Repeal

Louisiana GOP Urges Common Core Repeal

Ross Little, Jr., Louisiana’s Republican National  Committeeman announced today that the LAGOP adopted a resolution calling for the Repeal of Common Core.  The resolution was adopted overwhelmingly on Saturday, Feb. 21, at the first State Republican meeting of 2015.

The Resolution was sponsored by Little of Lafayette and co-sponsored by State Rep. Lenar Whitney of Houma, both of whom serve on the Republican National Committee, together with several other members of the Louisiana Republican State Central Committee.

“We’ve been meeting with numerous legislators since September,” said Little, “and we are hopeful that the legislature will repeal Common Core in the upcoming legislative session. “

The Republican resolution calls on legislators, BESE members and others to promote state and local control of public schools and to resist federal intrusion into education policymaking by a full repeal of the CCSSI.   The resolution asks that the repeal be made “by any and all means necessary, including action by the Louisiana Legislature, the State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education, the State Superintendent of Education, the Governor, and any other officials.”

The resolution commended parents and activists in the state and across the nation  for reclaiming our heritage of citizen-directed government, supporting education choices for academic freedom and individual excellence in a free market model rather than a “one size fits all” approach to education that is being promoted in the CCSSI.

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