Patriots’ Day Traces Conflicts with Islam

A packed house at Annual Patriots’ Day at the Rural Life Museum heard guest speaker Bill Federer review the history of Islam and its aggression against the West, spanning the past 1,500 years.

Using a comprehensive slideshow and many sources from Islam, Federer showed the Muslim conquest of the Middle East, North Africa, and much of Western Europe, the reasons for the Crusades, and ongoing conflicts caused by the Islam’s use of conquest, terror, and slavery to spread its religion by force.

Event chairman Judge Darrell White used the occasion to describe the Christian history of the United States, especially the role of Christianity in the federal judiciary.  The judge explained the Harlan Bible, a bible that has been signed by every member of the United States Supreme Court from 1905 to the present.

He also used the annotated U.S. Code to explain the Organic Law of the United States — the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, the Northwest Ordinance, and the U.S. Constitution, all of which acknowledge God.  His organization, American Judicial Alliance, distributes replicas of the Harlan Bible to judges across the nation, on condition that the Bibles be kept by the court and signed by all new judges as they are sworn in.

Two days after Patriots’ Day, attendees were shocked to learn that one of the participants, Mark Hunter, died in church, apparently of a heart attack.  Mark, a gifted Christian writer, will be missed by his friends and readers.

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