‘Lives That Will Never Rust’ by BR Author Danny Brown

‘Lives That Will Never Rust’ by BR Author Danny Brown

The remarkable love story of
Col. James Hamilton Beard
and his family —
Hero at the Battle of Mansfield — Last major Confederate victory

by Danny Brown

(Softcover: $12; Oct. 16, 2013)

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“LIVES THAT WILL NEVER RUST” is the true story of Col. Beard, who was killed at the Battle of Mansfield, La. “The story of James Beard couldn’t be told without fully chronicling the lives of his wife Kate and his brother Ned, two people he loved dearly and who returned that love,” Brown said. He adds the story is not unlike that of the title characters in Margaret Mitchell’s “Gone with the Wind.”
“James Beard, like Rhett Butler, was a prosperous self-made Southern gentleman. Patriotic, he organized the Shreveport Grays Militia Unit and served as their first captain. And then there is Kate, his loving wife, who overcame numerous tragedies to leave an enduring legacy. And finally, younger brother Ned, who was at James’ side when he was killed and who would go on to leave his own notable legacy. It is an extraordinary story,” Brown said.
The book is now available online from Amazon and BIC Alliance (www.bicalliance.com), and will soon be available in bookstores and from other retailers. For information or to schedule interviews with Danny Brown or Earl Heard, contact Earl Heard at (225) 751-9996 or earlheard@bicalliance.com.
A professional journalist and photographer, Danny Brown twice served as president of the Baton Rouge Civil War Round Table.

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